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The Dubai German Business Center - Your Partner in the Arab Business World

The Gulf states and the metropolis of Dubai are currently one of the fastest-expanding markets in the world. The atmosphere is that of a new era: a time of expansion comparable to the period of extraordinary German growth in the 1950s now known as the German Economic Miracle.

Literally every kind of good and service is in demand. Business activities in this region can lead to a level of success hardly possible anywhere else in the world.

In recent years, many adventurers have come to Dubai for this reason, hoping to make a quick profit without much effort. But most of them soon had to admit that they had completely misjudged the situation.

Succeeding in business here requires - even more than in other parts of the world - a high level of effort, flexibility, hard work, creativity, staying power and a serious approach, coupled with genuine respect for the Arab partners' ethnic and religious customs. But those who fulfill these criteria will find they are almost guaranteed success.

In founding the Dubai German Business Center, our goal is to give foreign companies in the Gulf states qualified assistance and support. We do this by putting at your disposal our extensive knowledge of the local situation and the opportunity to contact local decision-makers.

Take advantage of our services! Are you interested in establishing your product or service in the Gulf states? Then contact us - and we will tell you how we can be of assistance.

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